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Accounting with Tally Prime


₹ 9000/-


90 Days

About the Course

The Accounting with Tally Prime course is intricately designed to provide comprehensive training in practical accounting fundamentals and explore the Tally Prime accounting software, formerly known as Tally.ERP.

Tailored to empower students with foundational accounting skills, the program emphasizes practical application and proficiency in utilizing accounting software, making it an ideal choice for those seeking hands-on experience with Tally ERP software.

This course is specifically crafted for individuals desiring practical accounting knowledge along with expertise in independently handling Tally software. It systematically addresses challenges associated with applying various modules in Tally automation and configuration for reporting, covering both fundamental accounting principles and the intricacies of Tally Prime software.

The course content includes:

  • Practical Accounting Basics

  • Detailed training in Tally Prime software

To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, our curriculum seamlessly integrates both theoretical and practical components, facilitating the development of advanced skills among participants in Accounting with Tally Prime. This course is indispensable for anyone aspiring to a fulfilling career as an accountant.

For more information about the course, please contact us or visit our institute.

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